Are all the exciting things you love to do ever gonna converge into one end point when all life is gonna make sense, like that moment in a movie when everything finally becomes clear?

I used to torture myself with that there has to be a right answer to make all the parts of me work together and if I don’t find that one answer everything is gonna fall apart.

If you’ve ever been told that you have to become The Best at something or pick Only One Thing and do only that if you ever want to be successful at work, at a hobby, in life, then you’re not alone.

You’re also not alone if trying to fit into that mould has caused you existential frustration because you feel like it just isn’t enough to contain your creative energy.

And trying to limit yourself only makes you depressed and feeling like you’re never gonna be able to be truly happy.

What you need is to extend the understanding to yourself that there is no one right path, there are, in fact, several right paths for you.

And there are a myriad ways in which you will continue to grow and develop as a whole human being, not just 10% of one.

Because you can’t find your passion in your brain, you have to feel it with your heart, your soul, your whole being.

Like water, you have to understand that you can’t flow uphill – and if you try, you’re basically asking for an ass-kicking from overwhelm, confusion and frustration.

You know you’re on the right track when you feel excited and terrified in equal measure.

It wouldn’t be worth doing if you didn’t feel like that, right?

Your passion will never lead you wrong, so follow it wholeheartedly and trust that it’s taking you exactly where you need to go.

And when you feel your passion turning onto a new path, embrace it.

Because it’s only by following all those different paths with different parts of yourself that you’ll grow as a whole.

Just cultivating a small part of yourself doesn’t make you better at that one thing, because the human brain learns and develops with context.

Only allowing a small part of yourself to feel alive isn’t enough for your wild heart.

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