The short, punchy, ridiculously sweet guides that will teach you to write like hell in less than an afternoon

I don’t know you. But, I do know you’re a busy author, champing at the bit to write better, stronger stories fast.

So, knowing this, I’m tossing all the fancy formalities in the bin, ‘kay?

My guides are tight and punchy for a reason – because good writing that keeps the reader turning the page is tight and punchy.

I filled these guides to the brim with tried and tested lessons I’ve learned over my 20+ year writing career.

In them, we’ll touch on everything from quick-and-dirty tricks for better writing, troubleshooting flat scenes and unpacking how to write an author bio.

Now, I don’t love chest pumping, but I understand I have to, from time to time, to establish some credibility.

So, excuse me for a moment as I tell you why you should listen to what I have to say…

  • I’m a communications expert with a professional interest in clear, effective communication.
  • I got my start on the stage (there was a time when I was on-track to becoming a choreographer), and I have a long history of working with and understanding narrative structure in its many forms.
  • I’ve worked as a copywriter and have a professional understanding of how to evoke emotion in the reader.
  • I’ve also worked as an illustrator and comic artist, honing my skills in telling stories through composition, images and dialogue.
  • Besides being a writer, I’m also a complete story theory geek and plot-wrestling is a hobby of mine.

Look, I’m not saying I’m some sage from the stage. Quite the opposite; most days I’m a hot mess. And while I’m an experienced writer, I’m new to fiction writing and self-publishing. I just happen to be obsessed with learning and growth and finding all of these new ways to help myself (and others) tell better stories.

You may not have the time to read all the advice or road test all the tools, but I’m already doing it, and if we journey together for a bit, it might just shorten your learning curve.

Because you can have the best story ever written, but if you can’t communicate it clearly through the words you put down on the page, you have nothing.

I’m here to give you the skills and insights you need to make your story the best it can be.

These guides took me a nice chunk of time to create and design because I wanted them to be more than just simple How To-guides. I wanted them to be a resource you can revisit when you have questions about writing your story or just need to freshen up on the basics.

You’re smart. You’re savvy. You’ll figure out the rest.

Now, without further ado, let’s learn how to fix fantastical narratives with the written word…

Become a banging storyteller: improve your creative process & embrace your unique flair

Learn to carve out creative space amidst the chaos of daily life and embrace the roller-coaster ride that is the creative journey. You’ll come out the other side inspired. Promise 💋

Punch up your writing: some quick-and-dirty things you can do today to become a better writer

When you need a quick refresher on the basics of sublime writing (and are ready to commit murder), this is the quickie you’re looking for.

Structure is your friend: how to troubleshoot a flat scene and make it read like a motherfucker

When you need to write a stronger scene but aren’t sure where to start, this guide takes you through the basic checklist of a powerful scene.

Flash fiction is the secret writer’s tool to solve just about any narrative knot and you shouldn’t be afraid of it

The step-by-step guide that will have you writing a piece of flash fiction in 15 minutes or less! Oh, and it’ll also help you see the underlying structure which you can then apply to any length text.

Creativity unbound: unleash your creative potential through journaling

Unleash your creative potential, live a creatively fulfilling life, and just become an all around cooler person through the transformative practice of journaling.

How to write a personal essay (7 pieces of advice)

Why you should write at least one personal essay in your life for fun, and how to make it good, according to this professional writer.

Boost your blurb: things I think about when writing a blurb as a copywriter

The perfect advice if you’re new to writing blurbs & struggling to start. This step-by-step will take you through how to write an effective blurb that connects your book to the right readers.

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