I’ve got my to-do list set up with everything I have to do to the move.

I’ve been making slow but steady progress through the damn thing; talking to strangers and inviting them into my life temporarily (and no matter how nice they are, I’m still a cave gremlin who’d just prefers as little to do with people as possible), getting all the paperwork done (e-sign for contracts is just SO much better than paper), and even got started with the move by moving winter jackets and wiping down the big closets at the new place.

Even the trailer that was parked in our parking spot got towed over the weekend, so big thumbs up for the maintenance company for that. I still haven’t located our basement storage unit, though the maintenance company insisted it’s there (yes, but where?!).

Then the kiddo gets the sniffles. And I fall to the same foe about an hour later. Then we spent the weekend running around getting shit done. Come Monday morning this week I was packing boxes with massive period cramps down the whole left side of my body, feeling feverish, and an extremely chatty, bossy, opinionated, instruction giving, easily bored 5 yo.

Oh, the joy.

Today I’m wiped out and everywhere hurts. But I’m taking it easy. It’s okay, it’ll be okay. This’ll all be okay. In two weeks, the big move will be over and I can start stressing about playing furniture Tetris in the new place. I’ll have the new office to set up. And the kiddo’s rainbow-coloured room to set up.

A different set of problems. Dare I say better problems?

I don’t know, too tired to care right now.

Oh, and the kiddo has this new habit of singing. Loudly. As often as possible.

Last night she was singing herself a soundtrack of what she was doing, as she was doing it. Singing about herself in third person like the biggest rappers out there. And she’s learning how to read, so spelling her name in song.

Did I mention it’s loud? She belts her songs at the top of her lungs. And we let her because the creativity of it is beautiful even if it is infuriating when it’s never-ending.

Took a nap with the cat this morning because it was all I had the physical energy to do after eating breakfast.

Wish for bigger, better things they said. It’ll be fun they said.

And yeah, it is. But it’s also exhausting.