So, I’m a textbook case of someone who’s confidence was eroded to dust before the age of 6.

How it got that way is a long and complicated story involving a narcissistic and often absent father, but what’s more important is that it left me with a fundamental belief that I don’t deserve ‘nice’ ⁣😔⁣

Now when I meet sincere, beautiful people who shine their kindness and care on me like the sun, it immediately creates this gut reaction in me where I don’t believe that it’s real, someone who I’ve just met couldn’t possibly be genuinely nice to me. 

I’m so conditioned to take the crap that I think the only time people are being real with me is when they’re wiping the floor with me. Those are the same people who I’ve spent a lifetime trying to please at my own expense.

⁣The more I meet these wonderful souls who come in the spirit of joy and sharing,  the more I can reflect on myself and what I’ve accepted as normal – and hopefully change those deeply rooted beliefs, that have shaped me for so long. 

So, here’s to being true to yourself and spending more time with people who help you to be  more than you can be alone. ❤️⁣

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