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Sometimes fate gives you a second chance even against all odds.

“Never full-ass a job that can be half-assed!” has been Sasha Barrett’s motto since she can remember.

Gifted with an inordinate amount of self-confidence, a preference for boozing it up and getting into bar fights, Sasha takes on every challenge the galaxy can throw at her in the usual way; with an unstoppable smirk and the trusty crew of the Luscinia at her side. (And sometimes a rocket launcher.)

But these last few years haven’t gone according to plan at all, least of all the fact that she’s been lying to her best friend, who she hasn’t seen in three years. But she’ll call him. Eventually. Unless fate has other ideas…

Zaven Adhzivian is serving righteous justice to the criminal elements on the outer fringes of the galaxy, leaving them shaken, not stirred (and often dead) in his wake. To the locals, he’s a hero, but in reality he’s been adrift without his best friend. Without her around, life has lost all colour.

Zaven has spent the last three years courting death and counting down the days until his suffering can be over. But just when he’s about to get his suicidal wish fulfilled, the unthinkable happens and a phantom from his past comes back to haunt him.

Content considerations for:

  • graphic language
  • graphic violence and gore (torture, death)
  • dark content (depression, loss, grief)
  • sexually explicit material, BDSM
  • substance abuse